Keynote Speeches

APE - Milano


"Il Futuro Dell’Europa Nel Contesto Macroeconomico E Geopolitico Globale", Associazione per il progresso Economico

Milan, 8 April 2019 

Institutional Investor - Italy Summit 2019


"Politica Monetaria Globale: A gonfie vele o Cambiamenti all’orizzonte?", Institutional Investor – Italy Summit

Rome, 28 February 2019 

Institutional Investor - Italy Summit 2018


"Le Prospettive Macroeconomiche. Quale Sara’ il Futuro Dell’Europa?"

Institutional Investor – Italy Summit 

Rome, 1 March 2018

Forbes Banking & Insurance Forum


“Safeguarding Financial Stability in Challenging Times”

Forbes Banking and Insurance Forum

Athens (Greece), 27 March 2015

Financial Times


  "Mapping the Political and Economical Environment for Investment", The Investment Expert, The Grand Hotel, Stockholm,  22 October 2013  

TwentyFour AM


TwentyFour AM, Fixed Income Investment Conference

10 September 2013

Selected Presentations

Panel Discussion at Clifford Chance


"Does The Rise Of Populism Signal European Dis-Integration?"

Panel Discussion at Clifford Chance

8 July 2019

Warwick Business School - Bank of England


"Central Bankers and Market Participants: Do They Understand Each Other?" 

MSc Central Banking and Financial Regulation

Behavioural Finance Module

The Shard, London, 12 June 2019

London Quant Group


"Global Realpolotik, Macroeconomics, Uncertainty and Quants"

London Quant Group - Spring Seminar

London, 10 May 2019

Bocconi University


"The Makings of the 2020 Recession and Financial Crisis"

Bocconi University, Global Executive MBA - SDA

Milan, 12 November 2018

France Stratégie


 “Alternative Structural Reforms In Italy To Fight Corruption And Brain Drain”, France Strategie, Forum on Structural Reforms 2.0 

Paris, 12 January 2018 

2013 - 2017

Salone Del Risparmio 2017


 "The Future of Europe: Dis-Integration and Re-Grouping"

Salone Del Risparmio

MIlano, 11 Aprile 2017 

Limes 2017


"Chi Comanda il Mondo“ 

Il Quarto Festival di Limes 

Palazzo Ducale
Genova, 3 March 2017

Limes 2016


“La Terza Guerra Mondiale”

Il Terzo Festival di Limes 

Palazzo Ducale

Genova, 4 March 2016  

Limes 2015


“Moneta e Impero: Chi Muove Le Leve Della Geofinanza Mondiale”, Il Secondo Festival di Limes, Palazzo Ducale 

Genova,6 March 2015

City University of London


“The City of London in a New Geopolitical Order”, at Capital Divided: the City of London and the future of the British economy

London, 5 November 2014

Limes 2013 - 20th Anniversary


"Il giro del mondo in 3 giorni: festa per i 20 anni di Limes al Palazzo Ducale di Genova" ,  Limes, Genova, 13 December 2013